Disctrail: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Stefan Carlsson recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game: Disctrail. It’s a topology puzzle.

Object: start at any disc, and clear the board by traveling vertically & horizontally.

There are 16 free levels. I solved them all in about 15-20 minutes minutes. I must admit, I got stuck on a couple.

Disctrail is a free puzzle app game with nice graphics. Give it a try.



Unlock Me Free: puzzle app game

Unlock Me Free is a free puzzle app game.  Looks a lot like Rush Hour and its clones.

I was not able to open this program!  I deleted it and then re-downloaded it.  Maybe it’s because I’m still on iOS 6.

Nevertheless, the author says that there are 80 levels that will take hundreds of hours to solve.  I’m skeptical.

Compulsive: free point scoring puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Compulsive is a very popular point scoring puzzle app. At this moment it has 119 5 star ratings and only 5 ratings lower than that. Impressive.

The object is to swap tiles anywhere on the board to create groups of 4 or more of the same color. They will disintegrate and score you points. Naturally, everything falls down and the results could lead to more groups of 4, thus setting off a chain reaction.

My top score is 140,900. This puts me somewhere in the top 15% according to the Leaderboard. The top scorer has 284,300. Not sure what his strategy is.

I like Compulsive, but I’m not feeling the addiction.

Zobrist Cube and Caviar

Al Zobrist, creator of the Zobrist Cube puzzle set, has another kickstarter project underway. Essentially, Al wants to raise money so he can send 100 copies of his puzzle to 100 different schools. You’ll be spreading the joy of puzzling to middle schoolers.  At the very least, watch the video:

iPhone Screenshot 1


The folks who run Caviar were passing out free meals at Bryant Park the other day. I particularly like getting free meals, especially when I’m about to purchase one.

As a small token of gratitude, I’m spreading the word for them!

ilabyrinthe: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

  • ilabyrinte, also known as Le Labyrinthe, is a series of mazes. Your task is to get to the exit. However, at each intersection, your movements are restricted.
    There was another game very similar. It had a tank theme. This game has a lot of ads.

    SpinIn: puzzle app game

    iPhone Screenshot 3
    David Tzur recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game SpinIn. I actually play tested this game 4 years ago: http://gottasolveit.blogspot.com/2010/05/spinin-iphone-puzzle-app.html  when I had my ipod touch device. David says that this is an improved version. I thought the old version was terrific.

    The object of SpinIn is to tilt/swipe the pieces in 4 directions until the gem can find the exit. It’s sometimes possible that another piece will slide out the exit first. This may be advantageous. It may also make it impossible to get your man out.

    These puzzles are extremely well designed and quite challenging. Right now I’ve solved the first 60 levels.

    Let’s talk money. You can play the first 24 levels for free. After that, you must either wait a certain amount of time, or pay to get instant access.  This will happen every 12 levels. Very similar to the Candy Crush model. I am all for ios game developers asking for money! My sense is that it should be a one time shot of $1.99. Just my opinion.

    Without a doubt, SpinIn is one of the best puzzle apps of 2014.



    Update 7/25/2014

    I have solved up to level 70. Stuck on 71.

    David sent me an image of level 90, which I can’t upload. It’s a 4×3 grid and the minimum number of moves to solve it is 30.


    Do you remember Clickmazes BoxUp? It’s an outstanding series of puzzles from Andrea Gilbert. I never solved all of those levels. But I hope to one day!

    A new version by Volodymyr Klymenko is called Rects. It’s the exact same concept, but just different levels. There are 36 levels and I’ve solved them all. However, I was convinced that 33 was impossible. My confession: I used a hint for that.

    The first 15 levels are really too easy, but that’s okay, because I like feeling smart.  Those last 5 levels are superbly designed. Now I have to get back to Andrea’s version and not feel as smart while attempting her Nasty & Beastly levels.

    Jumbl – free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

    Nikolaus Banjo recently contacted me about his new game Jumbl. The idea is to swap letters to create words.  Suppose you tap on an E. All the E’s will be selected and if you then tap I, all the E’s will swap with all the I’s. 
    Jumble is okay, but as you Loyal Blog Followers know, I’m not much into word puzzles.